Kevin Fairbanks

Business Growth Coach

The entrepreneur’s life began for me at an early age, always looking for a way to make a buck. One could say it was just in my blood. You pair that along with the constant thirst to understand how things work and you discover the secret to where my passion comes from.

Raised in home with five children during a time when we had little money, not that we have lots of money today either, we learned the lessons about getting the most longevity out of material things, and sometimes having to put in some elbow grease. But I think one of the greatest values my parents gave us was teaching us how to bootstrap and build the things we desired.

As an entrepreneur over the past 30+ years, I have had my share successes, but I have also had my share of learning experiences along the way too. I won’t call these failures, as I refuse to live in the negative context most people give the term failure. For me, failure is a good thing, provided we learn from it and improve, not sit and dwell in it.

One of my biggest rewards in life has been sharing the knowledge I have learned over the years from formal training and experiences with others so they can start, build, or grow a successful business.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you while we have a little fun on this journey to your success. If I can be of help as you navigate through our trainings, insights, and content, please reach out and ask. Here’s a little secret. I am just like you. I put my shorts on one leg at a time.